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Assessments for ADHD and Learning Disabilities in Adults and Children

Start living up to your potential in your work, school or relationships.

Starting at $320 for the screening interview

Available to clients in Montreal and the West Island

Professional, private and confidential service

All ages, 6 years +

The 4 Steps of Your Assessment

solution-focused brief therapy

Screening Interview

We gather information on your symptoms, and look at their severity and duration. This helps us to rule out other possible explanations for your difficulties.

interpersonal psychotherapy


Using a combination of behavioral testing, psychological testing and standardized questionnaires, we assess your skills and limitations.



We use the results from the assessment to determine if you meet criteria for a diagnosis or not.


Feedback Session

We will go over the report and answer any questions you might have, as well as recommend strategies that can help you with your difficulties.

One Low, Initial Payment for Peace of Mind

Family Systems Therapy

We understand that your investment in yourself or your child is important to you. Making a substantial financial commitment toward a full assessment without being 100% sure if it is required can be daunting.

This is where our initial screening interview comes in. Our specialists will spend approximately 90 minutes evaluating your (or your child's) symptoms, to see if the full assessment is right for you. If ADHD or a learning disability seems unlikely, you're done!

If a learning disability seems likely, the full assessment can proceed, and all the information from the screening interview has already been completed towards your full assessment.

This screening interview, starting at $320, will provide clarity on your next steps, whether that be a full assessment or other treatment options.

Your Assessment Clinician Will See You Now

Blake Psychology offers access to licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited psychologists and supervised doctoral candidates pre-licensure.

Dr Lucy Cumyn, Psychologist

Dr Lucy Cumyn, PhD


Michael Clyde

Mr Michael Clyde

Doctoral Candidate, Therapist

Erica Cervin Psychologist

Ms Erica Cervin, MSc


Lisa-Marie Sauvé, Psychologist

Ms Lisa-Marie Sauvé, MA


Frequently Asked Questions About Assessments

learning disability in adults

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